What Are the Benefits of Hiring an Insurance Agency?

Did you know there are 5,929 different insurance companies in operation across the U.S.? Each one provides a range of policies from health insurance to property coverage. So how do you manage to sift through them to get the best deals?

One way is to hire someone to do it for you. Below, we discuss why you should consider hiring an insurance agency and the benefits they bring.

What Does an Insurance Agency Do?

An insurance agency is a company that acts as an intermediary between insurance companies and customers. The main function of an insurance agency is to sell and service insurance policies to individuals, families, and businesses.

However, the best agencies will go above and beyond, looking for the best policies for their customers. Some of the key activities of an insurance agency are below.

Assessing Customer Needs

Insurance agencies work with clients to understand their unique insurance needs. They can then guide the types of insurance policies that would be appropriate for them. Health insurance alone can have various structures and coverage levels, which will change depending on the individual’s circumstances.

Selling Insurance Policies

An insurance agent will sell policies to clients on behalf of insurance companies. This could include life insurance, health insurance, automobile insurance, and others. When selling to businesses, there can be very specific types of policies depending on how that company operates.

Servicing Policies

An insurance agency will assist clients with policy renewals, changes, and claims. They will also provide ongoing support and guidance to ensure that clients have the coverage they need.

Building Relationships

An insurance agency will build relationships with clients to understand their changing insurance needs over time. This could involve regular check-ins, policy reviews, and guiding new insurance options as they become available. They will stay informed of changes and regulations to ensure that they give customers the most up-to-date information and guidance.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring an Insurance Agency?

It may seem tempting to go direct to companies rather than hire an insurance agent. However, using an agency has several distinct advantages. The most important ones are below.


Great insurance agents will be able to provide education to clients on their options. This can help ensure that customers understand the various insurance options available to them, the costs involved, and what each option covers. This will help them make the best decisions about which best suits their needs.

Streamline the Application Process

Applying for insurance can be extremely confusing. It involves a lot of paperwork and details about the previous history of the person or business need to be included in detail.

An agent will make the process of filling out health insurance applications as straightforward as possible. This could involve using digital tools, such as online forms or e-signatures, to make the process faster and more convenient.

Provide Ongoing Support

Several things could change with a health insurance policy over time. The provider’s offerings may change, the law could change, or even the customer’s circumstances. Therefore these agreements need to be adaptable.

Once a client has purchased a health insurance policy, the agent will continue to provide support and guidance. This could involve answering questions, helping with claims, and ensuring that the policy continues to meet their needs over time.

What to Look for in an Insurance Agency

Getting the best agent for your needs is straightforward if you take a little time to research. When choosing an insurance agent, there are several factors to consider.

Licensing and Qualifications

Ensure that the insurance agent you are considering is licensed to sell insurance in your state. They must also have the necessary qualifications to provide you with expert advice.

Experience and Expertise

Look for an insurance agent with experience in the type of insurance you are interested in. This is particularly true if you need a specific type of business insurance. Ask to see their proven track record in helping clients find the coverage that best fits their needs.

Availability and Responsiveness

Choose an insurance agent who is accessible and responsive to your needs. You should feel confident that you can reach your agent when you need to, and they will promptly respond to your questions and concerns.

Reputation and References

Research the reputation of the insurance agent you are considering by reading online reviews. Friends and family may also have recommendations. Make sure you ask the company for references from previous clients.

Communication Style

Look for an insurance agent with a communication style that works well for you. This could involve clear and concise explanations of insurance policies. A friendly and approachable manner or a willingness to listen to your concerns and answer your questions is also important.


Choose an insurance agent who is flexible and willing to work with you to find the insurance policy that best fits your needs and budget. They should be open to answering your questions, considering your unique situation. Being able to make changes to your policy as your needs evolve is a given.

Hire an Insurance Agent

Now you know the benefits of an insurance agency, you just need to find the right one. Check online for reviews or ask friends and family who they have used. After this, check any recommendations or testimonials the company has on its website.

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