Professional Liability Insurance Coverage in NJ

What would you do if your client filed a suit against you?

Professional mistakes do happen and sometimes can’t be avoided. They may result in a loss of business for a client, which may force a client to seek legal action to recover their own losses.

This is where a Professional Liability Insurance policy comes in handy for your business. This insurance coverage is also a valuable marketing tool for your business because it lets customers know you guarantee your work for them.

What is Professional Liability Insurance Coverage?

Professional Liability Insurance Coverage in NJ is often known as Errors and Omissions Coverage. But why are there both classifications?

Errors and Omissions Insurance, Professional Liability Insurance and also Malpractice Insurance offer similar coverages, but different professionals use different policy names.

To make these insurance policies more clear, it’s helpful to understand who uses them:

  • Professional Liability Insurance – Architects and engineers
  • Errors and Omissions Insurance – Accounting, real estate, and tech professionals
  • Malpractice Insurance – Doctors and legal professionals

Professional Liability Insurance in New Jersey offers protection for you and your firm against suits that allege breach of contract, oversights or errors, providing substandard or incomplete work or perceived loss as deemed by a customer or client.


Litigation follows reasonable claims, and though it may still be dismissed, it costs your business time and money.

With Professional Liability Insurance Coverage in NJ, these losses are covered by the policy.

We live and work in an age where litigation is on the rise. Just by being in business, you can become the subject of a suit by a disgruntled client or customer. But people who are looking ahead do not take the risk, why should you?

Professional Liability Policies in New Jersey

Owning a small business in NJ comes with unique challenges.

With those challenges, a small business firm or sole proprietorship cannot take on the risk of liability. Even one unfounded lawsuit can tie up assets for months and push a small business owner to closure.

Here’s what Professional Liability Insurance Coverage in New Jersey includes:

  • Professional Liability Insurance policies cover all employees of your business. This includes all independent contractors and temporary staff.
  • Legal defense costs associated with lawsuits against your company, regardless of fault.
  • Coverage for previously performed services.

Benefits vs Risks

With Professional Liability Insurance Coverage in NJ, business owners are able to seek professional advice from insurance personnel who are knowledgeable in liability and legalese.

Questions often arise and, and certain situations can be diffused with a brief consultation. When a major mistake happens and you need representation, your liability policy will give you full protection so you don’t sacrifice production and income.

As a business owner, you face risks every day by opening your doors and serving customers. Unfortunately, when you deliver a professional service, there are professional risks involved. Professional Liability Insurance Coverage protects you from those risks.

Protect your livelihood and your assets. Make sure you have Professional Liability Insurance in New Jersey. Contact our firm today.

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