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Oftentimes, you’ll find that people don’t consider purchasing a flood insurance policy until it’s too late. The best time to get one is now, before you need one. Getting a flood insurance quote as soon as possible can give you peace of mind.

It’s important to note that property insurance will not cover flood damage – this is something you will need to purchase separately in order to be covered if your home does become flooded. Looking into policies now and what will best cover you will mean you can breathe a sigh of relief in the future.

What Does Flood Insurance Cover?

  • Furniture
  • Clothing
  • Cleanup expenses
  • Damages to heating/cooling system
  • Repair or replacement flooring
  • Potential other expenses

The Costs of Flood Insurance

The cost of flood insurance varies depending on a number of factors. These factors include:

  • Your flood risk.
  • The amount of possessions you’d like to protect.
  • The type of property you want to protect.

Americans Living in Flood Zones:


How To React If Your Home Floods?

If your home is flooded or you know it will flood, get out and seek a safe location immediately. Don’t hang around or try to save certain items, apart from your family and pets.

Once you are in a safe location, you can contact your insurance company or agent and file a claim. You may not be able to complete the claim until you know the extent of damage that the flood has caused.

Ensure your home is structurally sound before re-entering, or you may be putting yourself and your family in danger. You may want to call an expert for help before you even attempt to reenter your home. A home that is not structurally sound after a flood is in real danger of collapsing.

Flood Stats/Facts

  • Flooding damages more homes in the USA than any other natural disaster.
  • Just one inch of water can cause thousands of dollars’ worth of damage.
  • Everybody either lives or works in a flood zone.
  • Over 20% of all flood insurance claims come from areas that are in low to moderate flood risk zones.
  • The majority of standard home and business insurance policies will not cover flooding.
  • 90% of all natural disasters involve some type of flooding.


These stats go to show that even a small amount of water can cause terrible damage, and that you’re not safe even if you live in a low risk flood zone. Many people think they can get away without a flood insurance policy when they live in a low risk zone, but they only end up regretting this mindset later on down the line. Having that peace of mind can be worth more than anything else, and a policy can help with this.

Paying more than $1,500/year in flood insurance?

You’re probably overpaying…

George Kasimos of Stop FEMA Now explains why:


If you need help selecting the right personal flood insurance policy after reading this, Central Jersey Insurance Associates are here to help. Contact us today for more information and to find the ideal policy for you. Putting it off may only cause regret and great expense later on down the line. Remember, the best time to get one of these policies is before you need one.

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