Auto Insurance in NJ

Do you have the right auto insurance?

Personal auto insurance is required by law, though over 20% of drivers don’t have any or don’t have enough insurance. A good policy will cover you for an accident that involves another vehicle, an underinsured motorist, vandalism, weather, animals, bodily injuries, and more.

Getting the Right Coverage

Some auto insurance providers allow you to customize a policy to suit your needs.  This is extremely beneficial because an auto insurance policy should fit your lifestyle and protect you.

You don’t want to waste your money on a policy that doesn’t provide enough coverage or costs more than you need it to, however, you will need certain aspects of a policy to be included depending on your personal situation.

Sometimes, simply knowing you have appropriate auto coverage can give you peace of mind while you’re on the road.

Common Practice

77 percent of insured drivers purchase comprehensive coverage in addition to liability insurance, and 73 percent buy collision coverage. 1

What is Covered?

Personal Auto Coverage

Auto insurance can be complicated. It’s important you understand what is included in a potential policy before you agree to one. Here are some of the areas that your policy will cover:

  • Body injury liability – if you cause an accident and somebody is injured because of it, this coverage can pay their loss of income and medical bills.
  • Property damage liability – if you cause an accident, this will help pay for damages on the other person’s property or vehicle.
  • Personal injury protection – can protect you in the event of an accident.
  • Uninsured motorist – helps protect you and your vehicle from a hit and run accident involving an uninsured driver.
  • Underinsured motorist – will protect you from drivers who don’t have an appropriate amount of cover.
  • Medical payments – also known as med pay, will help pay medical costs for you and your passengers should you be involved in an auto accident.

Vehicle Coverage

Depending on your policy, certain vehicle related costs are covered under various situations that might occur to any of us.

  • Collision – this will pay for damage to your vehicle regardless of who is at fault.
  • Comprehensive – this type of coverage can help pay for damage to your vehicle from things like theft, vandalism, weather events, and more.
  • Towing and labor coverage – this coverage can help when your car is stuck, broken down, or cannot be helped for whatever reason due to an accident.
  • Rental car expense – can provide access to a rental car or another type of transportation while your car is being repaired after an accident.
  • Gap coverage – if your car is written off after an accident, this may pay the difference between the cash value and what you owe on a lease or loan.
  • Full coverage – use this to build an insurance package that will cover you for many incidents, combining comprehensive, collision, and liability insurance.

Making a decision about auto insurance based on the cost of the premiums alone is not enough. We’ll help you explore your options and select the right coverage.

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